Empire Landing Surf Report – Los Angeles, CA

Empire Landing Surf Report – Los Angeles, CA

Empire Landing Surf Report

Current surfing conditions for Empire Landing

Live weather conditions for Los Angeles, CA

LAT: 33.4269715
LONG: -118.4345213
MAP: Santa Catalina North

Knowing how to read a Empire Landing surf report is a critical part finding surf able waves. Before the days of the internet, surfers would use weather reports and tide charts to forecast the surf. In most cases however, finding Empire Landing waves was done simply by strapping a surfboard on to your vehicle and driving to the beach. If there were waves, you surfed, if it was flat, you went home. Today, surfers can find helpful information about the surf conditions such as wave height, wind direction, swell direction and the tide all by checking an online surf report.

Empire Landing surf reports can give a surfer all the information needed about the current surf conditions in his or her area. Understanding the information of a surf report can paint a good picture of what the surf will look like.

One of the main questions that a Empire Landing surf report answers is, “How big are the waves going to be today?” This is given to us in the form of the wave height and swell period.

Knowing which direction the swell or waves are coming from will give you an idea of how the wave will be hitting your area.

Ideal conditions for surfing would include absolutely no wind. This is called glassy conditions, and a surfers dream scenario. However if you do have a little wind, it’s not the end of your surfing world.

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The tide can have a major role on the way a waves breaks at a particular surf spot. Some surf spots do better on a high tide while others do better on a low to medium tide.


Know your limits
It’s easy to be caught out at Empire Landing. Don’t challenge yourself too early and know your limits.

Surf with a mate
Especially in a big swell. Empire Landing surfers look out for one another.

Tell someone you’re surfing at Empire Landing
Let someone know when and where you are going out and, importantly, when you expect to be back.

Check weather and tides at Empire Landing
Before you set out, check the local forecast for wind, swell and tide.

Always surf between the black and white chequered flags
Follow the advice of our lifeguards.

Be aware of the Empire Landing rip currents
Speak to an RNLI lifeguard to get advice on the location of rip currents.

Always wear a leash
So you don’t become separated from your board.

Wear the right wetsuit
Wear an appropriate wetsuit for surfing. As well as keeping you warm, wetsuits give some added protection from scrapes on rocks or impacts from other surfboards.

Understand surf etiquette and rights of way
Consider other Empire Landing surfers and water users.

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