Wedding Photography

A Picture Perfect Day

The long journey leading up to your wedding day is over. As the evening comes to an end and you’ve said goodbye to family,  you might wonder how the pictures turned out. The big question goes unanswered for weeks while you wait for the photographer to deliver your pictures.

Wichita Falls Wedding Photography
Wichita Falls Wedding Photography

Picking the right photographer is a very important part of the wedding process.  The pictures are depicting a huge milestone in your life together as a couple. The photographs should be taken with thoughtfulness, depicting a day of love between you, your husband and your family. They should be perfect. How do we achieve this level of photography excellence on a budget?

I have seen wedding photography bills as high as $10,000 but I have seen the same work for $500.00. It is possible to get great pictures on a budget. Spending thousands of dollars is not necessary. The first step is to look online and search for wedding photographers in your hometown. The top 10 searches that come up at Google are the most important. The companies listed at the very top of the search list may not be the best choice. They are well known and might be the most expensive. Look at their online photo album and packages, take note of their pricing and contact information. When you go down the search list into each company, you’ll likely find the price goes down too.

Now that you have a list of possible photographers or even videographers, call them and ask for specials they might have around the time of your wedding. Ask them if they offer coupons. Try calling one of the more expensive companies once you have some quotes and ask them if they’ll match the price. Obtaining a price list from each company is important. Sometimes a photographer is cheaper when it comes to the packages but more expensive when it comes to reprints or extra copies. Be prepared to ask about those extra, sometimes hidden costs.



-Look at how much they charge per hour, sometimes that is not factored into the package price.

-Pricing can very depending on the time of year and if it is a weekend or holiday.

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-Photographers are usually given a gratuity.


On The Cheap Tips:

As soon as you have narrowed down your selection, book it. Lock in your date and the pricing they gave you.

If your budget is really tight, student photography is a great option. Put an ad on Craigslist for a college student, wedding photographer or post a notice in the Arts/Photography department of your local college. Even photography students will have a portfolio you can look at. If you like the look of their work, make an offer.






The Wrap-up


You may have seen wedding charts and pie graphs in bridal magazines that show the costs associated with each part of the wedding. This book was designed for you so you don’t have to follow a chart. I want you to be able to piece together your own budget graph that fits your timeline. I could design a wedding timeline that tells you what you need to do each month, but I want you to have control and think outside the box. You are creating your own special day and it should be like no one else’s.


Here is a graph of a typical wedding budget. I did some research for local venders in my area and priced every aspect of a wedding. Most couples in my area spend anywhere from $17,000-$21,000 on a wedding! I live in a small city. I can’t imagine what it would be like in a more expensive city. If you follow all the On The Cheap Tips in this book your budget graph will look much better.



On the Cheap Tips:


When searching the web and bridal magazines, don’t plan your budget on statistics that you read about. Create your own budget based on how much you can save from each paycheck.


Get a savings account or a place that you can put your wedding savings. Keeping your wedding money separate from your every day expenses will help you save for the big day.


The work you put into finding the right people at the right price will pay off.  Know that it is possible to achieve a gorgeous wedding day on a budget. You have to try a little harder but at the end of they day, you will have the beautiful, budget wedding of your dreams.

Thanks for reading and I wish you every success!


Resources Beyond the Book This company is always doing sale specials, 40%-70% off dresses and accessories. They offer free shipping on all in-stock select gowns. Here you can search by your zip code and it will give you the average cost of weddings in your area. Ever wonder what you are going to do with your dress after the wedding? Recycled Bride is here to sell your dress and accessories for you on the web! You can also browse through pages of gently used dress and wedding attire. Here you can look at the cost of wholesale flowers. This website offers ‘Wedding Boxes.’ You pick your main flower and they will build your wedding box around that one flower for one bulk price.

About the Author


Cassandra Rios is the author of the On The Cheap book series, aimed at people who want cheaper alternatives to improve their lifestyle. This book was created to show you how to save money on a do-it-yourself wedding. Her time spent as a wedding consultant was the impetus for this book.


Specializing in Interior Design, Cassandra graduated from Vancouver Training Institute in British Columbia, Canada where she studied graphic design, space planning, and time period decors.  She currently studies at Boise State University majoring in Art History. Cassandra resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband and two daughters. She and her husband work together in their own business where they stage seller’s homes for a quicker sale.